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From August 2nd 2014 - January 17th 2017 Horsham gained a new reptile shop. It had been a very long time and there were no reptile specialists within 45 mins in any direction so it seemed the perfect adventure to explore. For the entire time Alpha Exotics was blessed by lovely people/customers and gracious 5* reviews. For that I would like to offer my whole hearted thanks for joining me on this journey and being a part of it. Without you it wouldn't of been possible and I wouldn't of done many new personal things and wouldn't have the future I have now for my next chapter.

The Caresheets are still here to look at for a headstart for you guys based on personal experiance and solid known ways of reptile care. Feel free to browse them and if you also wanted to message about them or simply keep in touch, the email section in the contacts page is still and always will be working.

So for the 2 1/2 years of service its been a pleasure.

Thank you - Luke










Gopher Snake

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