Corn Snake Caresheet


Background Information
The Corn Snake or Red Rat Snake is a colubrid snake from America. Their geographical range starts from the Florida Keys and can head as far north as Carolina and as far west as Texas. The name “corn” snake came from American tales of this species being commonly found in farmer’s cornfields, hunting the rodents that fed on the corn. Growing up to 6ft long it is consider a moderate sized snake however the average tends to be about 4ft. This constrictor species of snake is an ideal starter with its placid nature and hardiness in captivity, they’re more likely to run than bite and assuming their housing requirements are met, its quite easy and great fun to keep a corn snake.

Level of Experience



Agricultural areas, woodlands rocky outcrops,

Life Span

18 years

Active Time of Day


Natural Prey


Terrestrial / Semi Arboreal / Arboreal / Aquatic / Fossorial

Terrestrial although will sometimes climb


Mate: Spring
Lay: Summer

Clutch Size

Average is normally 10 – 20 but can be up to 40 or as few as 3 depending on females size

Breeding Weights / Length / Age

Males: 160g+ / 3ft / 2 years of age
Females: 300g+ / 3ft / 3 years of age

Brumation Time

2 months

Brumation Temperature

12 – 18 ‘C

Incubation Time

52 - 85 days

Incubation Temperature

26 – 28 ’C

There are 7 types of corn snake colourations you can find in the wild:

Classic (Wildtype) - Okeetee - Amelanistic - Anerythristic - Miami - Upper Keys - Alabama

Captive Requirements and Welfare
Corn snakes are the starting colubrid. Their docile nature, choice of colourations, medium size and hardyness make them easy to care for and rare to bite. Unlike other rat snakes, corns are more inclined to the ground meaning an high vivarium isn't need although they would appreciate some branches to climb. A choice of hides is recommended, corns are not as boystrous as their ratsnake cousins so they tend to shy away from sight or run then stand and fight. The vivarium size is scaled to an average adult sized corn being 4ft. Corns do like to burrow when they are young so bere this in mind when choosing a substrate to allow them to feel more secure and they can also fit through the gap bewteen the vivarium glass doors therefore extra caution should be taken to prevent an escapee.

Vivarium size

30x30x30cm for hatchling
3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft for adult

Daytime Temperature (cool – warm)

22 – 30 ‘C

Night-time Temperature

18 – 22 ‘C

Heating / Lighting Equipment (on timers)

Spot bulb during day, room temperature at night

Lighting - T8 2% Natural Sun Arcadia UV tube


Most Natural: Dried Forest Floor Bedding or Repti Bark
Alternatives: Beech Chip or Aspen


2 at minimum: one on each side a 3rd moss hide during shedding would be beneficial


Branches and fake plants allow the opportunity to climb and aids shedding


Fresh water topped up when needed clean out water bowl every few days to prevent slime build up

Food (Feeding)

Pinkies for hatchlings then increase the size as they grow. Always take the snake out and feed in a separate box to prevent substrate being eaten.


Spot pick weekly, full clean monthly