Rough Green Tree Snake Caresheet


Background Information
Rough green tree snakes are small colubrid snakes native to central USA, reaching only 2 1/2 - 3ft in length, females getting slightly larger than males. Their range spreads from Florida to Illinois and Ohio. Jet green and thin bodied these snakes are designed to live and blend into the trees. Unlike most snakes rough greens are insectovoires, dirunal by nature they spend most of their time hunting for insects and staying camoflage from predators whilst perched on branches in the trees. Occasionally they come down to ground level to hunt but only in dense vegatation to avoid being detected by other animals on the ground..

Level of Experience




Life Span

up to 15 years although the average tends to be 6 - 8 years

Active Time of Day


Natural Prey

Insects, occasionally arthropods and small lizards

Terrestrial / Semi Arboreal / Arboreal / Aquatic / Fossorial



Mate: Spring
Lay: Summer

Clutch Size

2 - 14

Breeding Weights / Length / Age

Males: 160g+ / 2.5ft / 2 years of age
Females: 200g+ / 3ft / 3 years of age

Brumation Time

2 - 3 months

Brumation Temperature

14 – 17 ‘C

Incubation Time

5 - 12 weeks

Incubation Temperature

26 – 29 ’C


Captive Requirements and Welfare
Rough greens are better as a display snake then one to handle. They're very shy snakes and easily stress, also aren't the best in terms of taming down with regular handling. However they are active snakes, being a daytime snake that eats insects provides something different compared to other snakes. It is very important to make sure that the rough green tree snake is a captive bred specimen as wild caught specimens don't do well and stress very easily. Due to their 70% humidity needs a glass vivarium is best suited for this species filled with loads of branches and foliage to make them feel secure. Since this snake eats insects its beneficial to give UVB for this species to promote healthy growth and development.

Vivarium size

30x30x45cm for hatchling
3ft x 1.5ft x 2ft for adult

Daytime Temperature (cool – warm)

21 – 32 ‘C

Night-time Temperature

18 – 22 ‘C

Heating / Lighting Equipment (on timer)

Spot bulb during day, room temperature at night

T8 6% Arcadia UV tube


Most Natural: Repti Bark
Alternatives: Not Advised


Hides at lower ground can be given but plenty of branches and foliage is whats vital


Branches and fake plants allow the opportunity to climb feel secure and aids in shedding


Fresh water topped up when needed clean out water bowl every few days to prevent slime build up. Having a large water bowl may be useful as this snake is known not to be shy for spending time in water.

Food (Feeding)

Hoppers or crickets are best for rough greens as they like to catch their prey. It is important that these bugs are gut loaded and sprinked with nutrobol / calcium supplements


Spot pick weekly, full clean monthly