Chinese Tree Dragon Caresheet


Background Information
The Chinese Tree Dragon or Dragon Agama is a small sized agama native to China. Fully grown at 7 - 10 inches these green and black bodied these lizards thrive living high in the trees using their colouration to help them blend into their surroundings, rarely coming down from the tree tops to avoid predators. Males have a thick black unbroken stripe going down their backs and tend to be large where as females have green diamonds or squares filling the thick black stripe. They enjoy to bask in the tree tops and live soley on insects. Unlike other agamas, chinese dragons like cooler and more humid temperatures which is why they are commonly found at high elevations in south west China.

Level of Experience



Tropical Rainforest

Life Span

15 - 18 years

Active Time of Day


Natural Prey


Terrestrial / Semi Arboreal / Arboreal / Aquatic / Fossorial



Mate in the spring bewteen March - April, eggs laid May - July

Clutch Size

5 - 7 eggs

Breeding Weights / Length / Age

Males - 100g / 8 inch / 2 years of age

Females - 150g / 8 inch / 2 years of age

Brumation Time

2 months in winter - end of november to end of jan

Brumation Temperature

15 - 18 'C

Incubation Time

52 - 85 days

Incubation Temperature

24 - 26 'C


Captive Requirements and Welfare
Tree Dragons need to have a glass vivarium to hold the high levels of humidity they require (70 - 90%) and also to allow heat to escape more efficiently as these agamas like it cool. Arboreal in nature therefore essiential that they're are Loads of branches and foliage to make them feel secure otherwise they will get stressed. Males cannot be housed together. Hatchlings are only 3 inches in length therefore it depends on the size of the dragon when decide on what size vivarium to purchase. Youngsters may need a bit of handling to tame down but as they grow older they calm down and due to their active nature will quite likely enjoy coming out and being handled. Unlike other agamids, tree dragons only need moderate amounts of UVB.

Vivarium size

30x30x30cm for hatchling
2ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft for adult

Daytime Temperature (cool – warm)

22 - 27 'C

Night-time Temperature

18 - 22 'C

Heating / Lighting Equipment (on timer)

Spot bulb during the day, room temperature at night

Lighting - T8 6% Arcadia UVB tube


Most Natural: Repti Bark / Eco Earth
Alternatives: Not Advised


Minimum of 2 one in each end of the vivarium to allow for thermoregulation and to make them feel secure. A 3rd moss hide would benefit when the snake is shedding.


Plenty of branches and foliage to make them feel secure and allow them to climb


A big water bowl is important as these agamas enjoy to bathe however drinking wise they prefer to drink droplets from the trees when their sprayed.

Food (Feeding)

Hoppers or crickets are best suited for dragon agamas keeps them actively hunting for their food and gives them exercise, wax or mealworms in variation.


Spot every other day,full clean monthly